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Window Rod Systems Illustration
Window Rod Display - Window System
These rod display systems use the same techniques as the cable display range, only using steel rods instead. Highly reccomended for heavy duty hanging, ie. Large canvases and even mirrors!
Ceiling to Floor Fittings
Ceiling to Floor Rod Fittings
Direct screw fixing. Emensly strong. Rod screws into ceiling fixing creating an extremely strong connection. The Floor fixing also acts as a spring tensioner. Rod is attached to the fixing using a stopper on the inside.
Ceiling fitting size: 17mm diameter
Floor fitting size: 16mm diameter
Wall to Wall Fittings
Wall to Wall Rod Fittings
The Wall to Wall system uses direct screw fixing to the wall. Making this system immensely strong. Rods screw into the fittings giving an extremely strong connection. This system uses an external spring-loaded tensioner (Sold seperately).
Wall fitting size: 15mm diameter, 40mm (1.6") (from wall)
Fixing plate: 38mm (1.5") diameter
Steel Rods
Steel 6mm Rods
6mm Steel Rod 1.5m, for Rod Display. A set of two rods is the minimum requirement for the Ceiling to Floor and Wall to Wall Rod Systems. Rods screw together using there own threaded head and scew hole on either end.
Panel Support, Single
Panel Support Single

The panel support single allows you to attach your panels, un-framed pictures and even mirrors to the rod. Once attached, they are fully adjustable.

Panel Support, Double
Panel Support Double

The panel support double allows you to attach 2 panels, un-framed pictures or mirrors side-by-side upon a single rod. Like the panel support single, the panel support double is fully adjustable.

Panel Support, Multi-position
Panel Support Multi-position

The multi position panel support allows you to attach your panels to the rod at any angle. Once attached, they are fully adjustable.

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Price List
Rods & Rod Fittings
Rod Display Ceiling to Floor, Wall to Wall
IE-RDCF ceiling to floor fittings, no rod £9.99
IE-RDWW wall to wall, no rod or tensioner £8.00
IE-RDROD steel 6mm rods 1.5m, set of 2 £11.99
IE-RDTEN rod tensioner, for wall to wall only £5.99
Poster Panels & Supports
Poster Panels and Support Single, Double, Multi-position
IE-CG03 panel support, single £2.99
IE-CG04 panel support, double £3.99
IE-CG011 panel support, multi-position £3.99
JSI-MA4-PW A4 poster panel, portrait £4.99
JSI-MA4-LW A4 poster panel, landscape £4.99
JSI-MA3-PW A3 poster panel, portrait £9.99
JSI-MA3-LW A3 poster panel, landscape £9.99
JSI-MA2-PW A2 poster panel, portrait £19.99
JSI-MA2-LW A2 poster panel, landscape £19.99
JSI-MA1-PW A1 poster panel, portrait £34.99
JSI-MA1-LW A1 poster panel, landscape £48.02
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