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Paper-rail - Wall System
Paper-rail & Poster Hangers
The Paper-rail is a quick and easy way to hang drawings, posters, postcards and memo's. Without using any drawing pins or tape etc. Great for offices, schools, galleries, studios.
Poster Hangers are excellent for school and college student posters in the office, classroom or home.
Paper-rail, Dmensions
Paper-rail is available in white or silver and also in various differnet sizes, ranging from 50cm to 2m in length!! Can be "stuck" to the wall using foam tape or screwed to the wall for a perminant installation.
Paper-rail Accessories
Paper-rail Connecting-pins, Foam Tape
Connecting-pins come in a pair, and are used for connecting 2 Paper-rails together.
Foam Tape comes in a 33m roll (108ft) and is used when wanting to put the Paper-rail in a semi-perminant location.
Poster Hangers
Poster Hangers
Poster Hangers consist of 2 transparent plastic strips, one attached to the bottom to give weight to the poster, so it hangs flat. And the other attached to the top. The top strip has anchor points for hanging on picture-pins or even a picture hanging system.
Poster Hanger, Dimensions
Poster Hangers Heavy Duty
Poster Hangers Heavy Duty
Poster Hanger Heavy Duty Aluminium or "Snap Hangers" are excellent for hanging very large & weighty posters and even un-framed pictures. Also available is a special ceiling hanging kit, for times when screwing or pinning into your walls is not an option! Hangers come in pairs, ie. one top, one bottom.
Poster Hanger Heavy Duty, Dimensions

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Poster Hangers
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Price List
Paper-rail & Accessories
Paper-rail White, Silver, Connecting-pins
RP-W-050 paper-rail white, 50cm £19.99
RP-W-100 paper-rail white, 1m £29.99
RP-W-200 paper-rail white, 2m £49.99
RP-W-050 paper-rail silver, 50cm £19.99
RP-W-100 paper-rail silver, 1m £29.99
RP-W-200 paper-rail silver, 2m £49.99
RP-CP paper-rail connecting-pin (x2) £1.99
RP-FT Foam 25mm Tape, 33m roll (108ft) £49.99
Poster Hangers
Poster Hangers
PHANGER-030 poster hanger set, transparent 30cm £1.99
PHANGER-040 poster hanger set, transparent 40cm £1.99
PHANGER-050 poster hanger set, transparent 50cm £2.99
PHANGER-060 poster hanger set, transparent 60cm £3.99
PHANGER-070 poster hanger set, transparent 70cm £3.99
PHANGER-100 poster hanger set, transparent 1m £4.99
GRA62PP picture pin (x10) £0.20
Poster Hangers Heavy Duty
Poster Hangers Heavy Duty
PHANGALU-050 poster hanger aluminium, 50cm £14.99
PHANGALU-070 poster hanger aluminium, 70cm £17.99
PHANGALU poster hanger aluminium, 100cm £19.99
PHANGALU-KIT ceiling hanging kit (no hangers) £14.99
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