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J Rail - Wall System
J-RAIL - Wall System
J-rail - Wall System
Aluminium heavy duty rail with direct screw fixing to the wall. The rail can use 2mm perlon cords, 1.5 or 2mm steel cable and 4mm square steel rods, suitable for the heaviest of pictures. Profile 19 x 7.5 x 9 x 2 mm.
J Rail, Dimensions
Hanging Rods
Classic Hanging Rods White, Plain Steel
Ideal for hanging extremely heavy pictures and mirrors. Its rigidity makes it particularly easy to reposition from ground level. Also can be made theft resistent with security fittings.
Hanging Rod Security
Rod Security Fittings
Security Hood locks rod onto hanging rail. Exceptionally effective anti-theft mechanism.
Security Rod has a small allen key screw at the bottom to prevent hooks being removed.>
Hooks for Hanging Rods
Hooks for Hanging Rod 40kg, 80kg, 40kg Security
These hooks are the best quality i.e. the most effective adjustment mechanism. Very heavy duty. They can hold weights of up to 80kg per hook!
Classic Hook 80kg, Dimensions
Classic Hook 40kg, Dimensions Classic Hook Security 40kg, Dimensions
Cylinder Anchor
Cylinder Anchor with Perlon Cord, Steel Cable
Cylinder anchor with perlon cord or steel 1.5mm or 2mm cable. Priced with set lengths, but lengths can be custom-made.
Cylinder Anchor, Dimensions
Mini Hook
Mini Hook
Mini Hook is a cost effective hanger for perlon and steel 1.5 or 2mm cable. Chrome finish, adjusted by brass screw. Ideal for small to medium size pictures. Max. load 8kg.
Mini Hook, Dimensions
Cylinder Hook
Cylinder Hook
Cylinder Hook for perlon and steel 1.5 or 2mm cable. Chrome finish, adjusted by brass screw. Ideal for small to medium size pictures. Max. load 8kg.
Cylinder Hook, Dimensions
Self-locking Hook
Self-locking Hook
Self-locking Hook for perlon & steel cable (2mm only). Heavy duty. Chrome finish. Adjusted by easy to use spring locking mechanism. Max. load 12kg.
Self-locking Hook, Dimensions
Captain Hook
Captain Hook
Captain Hook for use with the heaviest of pictures. Its weight capacity out matches any cables it can be attached to!
Captain Hook, Dimensions
Security-Screw Hook
Security-Screw Hook
Security-Screw Hook is a new and innovative way to secure your pictures to cords/cables. The hook is screwed directly to your frame! Max. load 15kg.
Security Screw Hook, Dimensions
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Price List
J-rail White, Silver, Black
RJA-W-200 j-rail white, 2m (6ft 6")
RJA-W-300 j-rail white, 3m (9ft 10") £19.99
RJA-W-SCR screw for j-rail, white £0.09
RJA-S-200 j-rail silver, 2m (6ft 6") £11.99
RJA-S-300 j-rail silver, 3m (9ft 10") £19.99
RJA-S-SCR screw for j-rail, silver £0.09
RJA-K-200 j-rail black, 2m (6ft 6") £11.99
RJA-K-300 j-rail black, 3m (9ft 10") £19.99
RJA-K-SCR screw for j-rail, black £0.09
PLUG wall plug, standard £0.04
Hanging Rods
Classic Hanging Rods White, Plain Steel
RODC-100 Hanging Rod, Plain Steel • 1m £3.99
RODC-150 Hanging Rod, Plain Steel • 1.5m £5.99
RODC-200 Hanging Rod, Plain Steel • 2m £6.99
RODC-250 Hanging Rod, Plain Steel • 2.5m £8.99
RODC-300 Hanging Rod, Plain Steel • 3m £9.99
RODC-W-100 Hanging Rod, White • 1m £5.77
RODC-W-150 Hanging Rod, White • 1.5m £7.81
RODC-W-200 Hanging Rod, White • 2m £9.61
RODC-W-250 Hanging Rod, White • 2.5m £11.47
RODC-W-300 Hanging Rod, White • 3m £13.21
RODC-K-100 Hanging Rod, Black • 1m £5.77
RODC-K-150 Hanging Rod, Black • 1.5m £7.81
RODC-K-200 Hanging Rod, Black • 2m £9.61
RODC-K-250 Hanging Rod, Black • 2.5m £11.47
RODC-K-300 Hanging Rod, Black • 3m £13.21
Hooks for Hanging Rods
Hooks for Hanging Rod 40kg, 80kg, 40kg Security
HOOKC-40 classic hook, 40kg (88lbs) £2.49
HOOKC-80 classic hook, 80kg (176lbs) £5.88
HOOKC-40S classic security hook, 40kg (88lbs) £6.21
Hanging Rod Security
Rod Security Fittings
HOOD-W security hood, white £3.36
HOOD-S security hood, silver £3.86
HOOD-K security hood, black £3.86
RODS-100 Security Rod, Plain Steel • 1m £4.99
RODS-150 Security Rod, Plain Steel • 1.5m £6.99
RODS-200 Security Rod, Plain Steel • 2m £7.99
RODS-250 Security Rod, Plain Steel • 2.5m £9.99
RODS-300 Security Rod, Plain Steel • 3m £10.99
RODS-W-100 Security Rod, White • 1m £5.99
RODS-W-150 Security Rod, White • 1.5m £7.99
RODS-W-200 Security Rod, White • 2m £8.99
RODS-W-250 Security Rod, White • 2.5m £10.99
RODS-W-300 Security Rod, White • 3m £11.99
RODS-K-100 Security Rod, Black • 1m £5.99
RODS-K-150 Security Rod, Black • 1.5m £7.99
RODS-K-200 Security Rod, Black • 2m £8.99
RODS-K-250 Security Rod, Black • 2.5m £10.99
RODS-K-300 Security Rod, Black • 3m £11.99
Cylinder Anchor with Perlon Cord, Steel Cable
CAP-100 cylinder anchor + perlon 1m £3.96
CAP-150 cylinder anchor + perlon 1.5m £4.14
CAP-200 cylinder anchor + perlon 2m £4.32
CAP-250 cylinder anchor + perlon 2.5m £4.50
CAP-300 cylinder anchor + perlon 3m £4.99
CASC-100 cylinder anchor + steel cable 1m £5.92
CASC-150 cylinder anchor + steel cable 1.5m £6.31
CASC-200 cylinder anchor + steel cable 2m £6.67
CASC-250 cylinder anchor + steel cable 2.5m £7.03
CASC-300 cylinder anchor + steel cable 3m £7.50
Picture Hanging Hooks
HOOKSS smart-spring hook 4kg (8lbs) £1.19
HOOKCY2 cylinder hook 7kg (15lbs) £1.69
HOOKSL self-locking hook 10kg (22lbs) £2.60
HOOKCT captain hook 30kg (66lbs) £4.99
MINIHOOK mini hook 7kg (15lbs) £1.09
HOOKSSH NEW security-screw hook 15kg (15lbs) £5.99
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